About Us

Our Mission

Mind the Grow leverages mathematics to help agribusinesses grow, maintain, and sustain.
From seed to store, we help inform data-driven business and agricultural decisions.

Democratizing Data-Driven Decision Making

We help your Agribusiness identify the risks it faces and the opportunities it has to grow. No data? No problem. We can still help. We have a rich library of simulations to draw from to make predictions based on all the uncertainties involved.

Unlike most, we won’t sell you solutions you don’t need. Conscientious consulting involves actively supporting improving access to technology. We envision a world where small farmers have access to the same cutting-edge planning tools as their largest competitors.


Agricultural Development and Sustainability

At Mind the Grow, we are devoted to sustainability-—for the environment and your business. We understand that many operations are family-owned-—that cooperatives scrape together resources to ensure their survival. Our focus is assuring that your farm (or Agribusiness) can make long-term decisions to reward your dedication.

Uncertainty and Risk Mitigation

Agribusiness is especially susceptible to uncertainty, risk, and unsustainability because success depends on both market trends and factors affecting the farm. Our software products and consultations leverage computational mathematics to quantify this uncertainty, delivering outcomes with flexibility to help navigate a risky landscape.

Environmental sustainability can still be practiced without compromising profits. We are firm believers in this philosophy and hope you join us in actualizing this reality. Reach out if you have any questions or want to learn how Mind the Grow can help your business develop sustainable practices and ensure multi-generational longevity.



Everything starts with a conversation. We consider the challenges unique to your business and compile a list of your ideas for potential solutions.

Data is nothing without delivery.

We make sure that every document you receive is easily understandable and visually compelling. Our reports serve as excellent materials for potential investors in your company. The attention to modern style and trends allows our materials to stand out from dry presentations. We have a rich network of marketing and branding experts who can aid in positioning your product in the marketplace.

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