Rigorous Insights

We dig deep into your company’s data to discover opportunities and problem areas, presenting you with a variety of options to achieve your goals as well as the associated risk profile for each decision.

Our analyses can help you stand out in a competitive landscape by appealing to highly targeted individual preferences. We help you discover optimal planting times and proportioning to minimize risk and maximize consistency.


CadoCast is a software solution that analyzes the factors influencing Avocado farms and cooperatives. CadoCast utilizes existing data and realistic ecological models to create simulations of future production trends.


Thinking of starting, growing, or investing in agribusiness? Address the unknown and pursue with confidence.

Outine for us your plan and we will put it into action (virtually), allowing you to visualize possible outcomes and their associated risks before making decisions. Investors want to know the risks of their ventures, and we bridge the gap between their concerns and your ambitions.


America alone consumes 450 million cups of coffee daily. CoffeeCode helps your business develop and sustain in this highly competitive market.


Growth is central to your survival. Find out exactly which sectors of your business are bringing the most value to you and your customers. Our team can identify problems and find new sectors for expansion.

Using cutting-edge mathematics and computer-science, we simulate potential revenue streams to develop insights into your plans for growth. We then provide you with clear and concise information, allowing you to implement with ease.

Big plans come with big unknowns. Let us quantify them.


Yerba Mate agriculture is up-and-coming. Learn how we can help develop productive and sustainable Yerba Mate planting, harvesting, and business practices.

Precision through Mathematics

Run a Quality Assurance, extraction, or testing lab?

Testing equipment has some natural variation built in to it that scientists are used to handling. However, classical statistical methods fail to address the natural variability present in different batches of product.

We help reduce variance in products and measurements by using cutting-edge statistical methods. By identifying the most useful information to gather, we save time, effort, and money in the quality assurance process.


Computational Mathematics meets Cannabis. No data? No problem. We can still help. Utilizing Cannabis industry-specific data, we help you identify and assess risks and allow your business to try new ideas without sacrificing potential profits.

The Green Rush has resulted in a skewed marketplace subject to price volatility. Diversification is the key to weathering the storm of wild market swings. Identifying strategies to find a sustainable market niche is a necessity.


Learn about our approach to sustainability, both environmental and economic.

We believe that “do good” and “do well” need not be mutually exclusive.