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Coffee is the third most popular beverage in the world, following water and tea. It is especially prevalent in American culture, with an estimated 450 million cups consumed daily. It is primarily consumed for its stimulating properties, but it is also a cultural habit in all walks of life.

In recent years, coffee culture has blown to astronomical proportions. Coffee is no longer just a drink for the break room, but it is an entire experience. Many people indulge themselves with different beans, brands, and brewing techniques. Although this industry boom is beneficial to those in the coffee agribusiness, it has also created a high demand for a constant output of a consistent product.


Obstacles in Coffee Agriculture

One of the exigent challenges in coffee agribusiness/—-where organizations must meet the demands of a growing market while cultivating a crop that is highly susceptible to year-over-year yield fluctuations/—-is assessing the feasibility of contractual obligations. Coffee yield is constantly at odds with factors such as climate changes, pests, as well as viral, fungal, and bacterial diseases.

Many other factors will also affect production rates, such as tree cultivar and variety, pruning techniques, planting intervals, and intercropping strategies. The dynamics of coffee cultivation can be extremely overwhelming, particularly for mid-sized or growing operations.

In spite of these factors, coffee-centric businesses must continue to distribute sufficient amounts of products that match consumer expectations.



That is why we developed CoffeeCode, a software solution that helps to project future growth and yield patterns while accounting for a diverse range of variables. CoffeeCode forecasts short term and long term growth patterns in a range of scenarios, allowing coffee businesses to predict potential outcomes and prepare for the uncertainties of natural variability.

Scaling a coffee operation or cooperative is only possible by assessing future yields and associating risks (ranges of outcomes). CoffeeCode ensures that customers are satisfied, quotas are met, and the relationships crucial to business growth are properly nurtured.

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